In my farewell speech when I retired from teaching science in 2008, I stated that in my retirement I was going to do something with my hands, with my head and with my heart. A few months later, I discovered printmaking which firmly ticked all three boxes.

I have explored different techniques but at the moment prefer gelatine printing for my “fun” stuff, such as my Unique Quotes and my work with children, and screenprinting for my more serious art works.

Unique Quotes


are a range of A4 posters featuring motivational, inspirational or just plain funny quotes on a random coloured background. As these backgrounds are handprinted as gelatine monotypes, it is impossible to get two the same – even if you wanted to – so all the Quotes are Unique. They are produced on 160g acid free A4 Fabriano art paper. (It may be possible to offer A3 prints in the future.)

Despite being handmade, these prints are only £7 each, including postage and packing within the UK. (Please email for outside the UK.) Alternatively, you may want that special quote, or want a particular coloured background. Perhaps, there is a special occasion for which you need something a bit different. Let me know what you want and it will cost you from £12 including UK postage and package. Backgrounds can be one or two colours from yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, royal blue, turquoise, green, brown, silver or gold.

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Gelatine Printmaking


is a method of making monotype prints using a flexible, resilient gelatine plate. Good transfer of the printing inks occurs giving bright, colourful prints. There are many ways to produce gelatine monotypes but one of the easiest, yet most effective methods, is by using stencils and masks. Indeed it is so easy that children can produce their own masterpieces with little difficulty.

As well as doing gelatine printing with children at craft fairs, I am also available for children’s parties, summer and Christmas fairs and for workshops for adults as well as children.

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Screen Printing


is the main technique for my more serious artworks. Most pieces are based on a series of blotch screens with a final detail screen. The images are usually developed from my own photographs, though I occasionally use my drawings.
I love twenty first century architecture. Often the shapes involved are almost sculptural and it is possible to get abstract works which are, at the same time, rooted in reality. Sizes vary but are usually common frame sizes, such as 16 inches by 12 inches, so framing is not a costly undertaking.

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